Our Technology

Our technology empowers energy companies to combat climate change profitably.

Produces Hydrogen

When accounting for the cost of carbon, our hydrogen can be the cheapest in the world.

Removes Carbon Dioxide

We remove 40kg of carbon dioxide from the air for each 1kg of hydrogen produced.

Restores Ocean Chemistry

The carbon we capture is turned into bicarbonate that fights ocean acidification.

We Enable Customers To:

Create carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative plastics
Eliminate all carbon emissions from home and business heating by blending natural gas with Planetary Hydrogen
Produce gasoline and diesel that are CO2-emissions negative by using biological carbon feedstocks or CO2 directly captured from air
Reduce the carbon intensity of the dirtiest diesel by up to 52% and leverage low carbon fuel standards
Mike Kelland

Mike Kelland


Canoeist, Fisherman, Seasoned CEO.

Dr. Greg H. Rau, Ph.D.

Dr. Greg H. Rau, Ph.D.


Art Lover, Hiker, Renowned Carbon Cycle Expert.

Dr. Sadaf Tahmasebi, Ph.D.

Dr. Sadaf Tahmasebi, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Skier, Hiker, Hydrogen Electrochemist.

Brock Battochio

Brock Battochio

Lead Engineer

Hockey Player, Car Fanatic, Renewable Power Engineer.

Heather Cardamore

Heather Cardamore

IP Strategist

Fitness Enthusiast, Gamer, Patent Expert.

Carl Poirier

Carl Poirier

Vice President of Engineering

Basketball Player, Musician, Senior Engineering Manager.

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