It will take all of us, working together to change our energy systems and our consumption patterns to prevent further damage. And it will also take technology and innovation to reduce the harm we’ve already done.

It seems like a monumental task – and it is. But we’re betting that, together, we can do it.

Our Technology

Hydrogen is a key building block of current global energy supplies and a clean-burning fuel for the future. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the dirtiest, with 96% of hydrogen produced using fossil fuels. Clean, green hydrogen is available but is 5-6 times the cost.  In markets that adequately value CO2 emissions reduction/removal, our patented process can create clean hydrogen at less cost than the dirty stuff while removing rather than emitting carbon dioxide.

We Enable Customers To:

Reduce the carbon intensity of the dirtiest diesel by up to 52% and leverage low carbon fuel standards

Produce gasoline and diesel that are CO2-emissions negative by using biological carbon feedstocks or CO2 directly captured from air

Eliminate all carbon emissions from home and business heating by blending natural gas with Planetary Hydrogen

Create carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative plastics

Fuel a decarbonized economy while cleaning up our atmosphere

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