Yes – we know that Engineer is a reserved word, and no, you don’t need to be a professional engineer to do this job. We had some trouble picking the title because we’re looking for someone who has broad skills and an engineering mindset. We’re not big on titles here though, so we’ll probably just call you by your name.

This is a really important position. We need someone who’s entrepreneurial and highly self-directed. Someone hands on who won’t be afraid to try things out even though they may not work in the end. Someone who doesn’t worry too much about roadblocks. Someone who replaces “no” with “in that case, we’ll have to do this differently”. And, we need someone who “gets” electrochemistry – the science and the industry ideally.

You’re our ideal candidate if you:

  • Have a strong understanding of electrochemistry
  • Have a good understanding of the electrolysis industry and know some of the major players as suppliers, partners or prior employers
  • Love to build stuff and tinker
  • Are focused on innovation and improvement
  • Want to join a team looking to change the world (for the better)
  • Have a bachelor degree or better (masters, PhD or equivalent work experience) in chemistry, chemical engineering or a related field

Drop us a note with your resume if you’d like to chat about the position –

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